Intel Core i7 965 Processor speed lower than expected

I have the new Intel Extreme Edition corei7 965 processor and Vista, intel's processsor identification programs, and futuremark vantage all show it at 2.65 GHz instead of this the Power on Demand feature slowing the processor down? Why isn't it running at stock? The BIOS settings are all auto and nothing has been changed from essentially factory settings (computer from Cyberpowerpc).

I even ran cpu-z while the processor was "stressed" with orthos and the clock speed didn't change much, hovering right at 2.65Ghz.

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  1. Check if your CPU is overheated and is constantly being throttled. Since Core i7 features Turbo Mode, you should consistently see CPU clocks hovering above 3.2Ghz.
  2. Either you've been had and given a i7 920 or someone decided to lower the multiplier to that of a 920.

    Try going into the BIOS and putting the multiplier up by 4 if you can.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions....Using EVGA's Eleet program (essentially cpu-z plus), the temperatures were fine...well below 50C. Both Intel's ID program and Eleet were correctly identifing the processor. I believe the multiplier was set at 20 but I'll have to check again when i get home from work.
  4. 20 is what i7 920's use.
  5. Hmm, i wonder if cyberpowerpc ran into stability or heat problems running at full speed.....because they would have had to go in and change it manually before i got it right?
  6. You said it the ghz didnt change much in cpu-z. What is much?

    Sceen shot of cpu-z to make sure you actually got the right cpu and to see what multi its running at. Its a unlocked cpu so it should be a piece of cake to set it to the right multi. Unless its some locked down crappy bios.
  7. ok, you guys were right...i set the multiplier up to 24 and it was at 3.2Ghz. Didn't run orthos for very long (like 20 minutes)but the warmest the cpu got on eleet/cpu-z was low 50's....

    on Intel's ID program the expected and reported speed match at 3.2 GHZ but the reported QPI reads 7.32 GT/s while the expected is 6.4 GT/s and the reported IMC speed is 1219MHz and expected is 1066MHz. Intel says that I'm overclocking. I don't understand the qpi or imc speed to know if thats a problem.

    I've got pictures of all this but it looks like to insert a picture in here, i first need to upload them to a server.....any way to easily cut and paste in here? It will be later today before I can get home to post any images....all the programs list the processor as an Intel Core i7 Extreme 965...the motherboard is an evga x58

    Thanks for your help...
  8. Ok, i figured out how to get my pics here.

    Here is before I change anything:

    Here is after the 24 multiplier applied:

    Here is Intel's ID Program at the 24 multiplier:

    What do you guys think??

  9. You're fine. The multiplier lowers itself when there isn't a lot of load on your CPU.
  10. so you're saying its just the Power on Demand feature? I shouldn't go into Bios and force the multiplier to 24? Orthos and futuremark vantage are just not able to "stress" this cpu enough to jump it to the 24 multiplier....thats what I didn't get?
  11. Wow seriously your CPU runs full speed and only 50C when you are stressing it?

    Right now my i7 720QM in my HP Envy 17 is running at 88C (190F) and more 1600MHz cores are throttling down to 920MHz. Their will go up to 1450MHz for about two seconds and then back down.

    HP support says 80C is normal temperature for performance laptop. Except all I'm doing is got Outlook, Word, Firefox, CPUID HWMontior and TMonitor open and then VMware running a WinXP with 50% of the memory and cores has Notes open with AT&T VPN client running. My Core2Duo laptop can run like this at full 2.2GHz speed without breaking a sweat.

    Yesterday my temps reached 97C (206F), but I get a lot more apps running.
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