Will this hard drive work in my machine?

I got this hard drive today


and maybe I don't understand it but it says that the interface is serial ATA, that's sata right? Anyway the interface is actually PATA and I'm thnking it wont work with my motherboard.


I've tried just about everything I can think of and my bios is not seeing it. Should I just send it back and get my money back?

Thank you

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  1. that drive is serial ATA (SATA), so you should be able to just plug it into an open SATA port on your mobo (which i believe has 4 of). If the drive does end up being PATA, then you should be able to plug it into the PATA port on your mobo (which has 1)
  2. First of all, yes, you are right that SerialATA and SATA mean the same thing. And it does seem very wierd that they would ship you a PATA drive when you though you were buying a SATA one, though I can't check to see what the specs were supposed to be since the listing has ended.

    From the picture on the HP site it looks like your motherboard has a PATA slot, so I don't see why it wouldn't work. Three things which I can think of to check (sorry if you've already though of them) are 1. is the cable on the right way round? Some of the older cables didn't have the missing pin blocked, so it could be put on backwards (which wouldn't harm the drive, it just wouln't work). 2. Is the cable a cable select one, and if so is the drive on the right connector? or 3. is the master/slave jumper set properly (master if you have only one drive, cable select if you have an appropriate cable, which I have never found so I think it unlikely). Try master to begin with.

    If this doesn't work, and no-one else has ideas, I'd return the drive. Hope this helps.
  3. First.. Based on the eBay site, the poster is doing a little bait and switch with their description. They are showing / listing a PATA item number but the description says SATA. The bottom images show PATA, as well. I would recommend returning the device for a refund, since it is a little bait and switch in my opinion.

    Second... Your motherboard does support PATA, so if it is not working, I would suggest reviewing your hard drive jumpers to make sure they aren't set to slave or something along those lines.
  4. Yeah I agree with all you guys, the cables are definately in correctly, I've tried all four jumper settings (including no jumper) on both RAID and IDE in bios. It detects my SATA Drive when installed by itself but as soon as I plug in the pata one bios detects niether. I wonder if flashing my bios would do the trick. I doubt it. It also could be an issue with my board. I had the same kind of problem with a video card recently. It only detects a pce-e setting when my 8300 is plugged in. If I plug in any other PCI-E card the pci-e setting disappears in bios. What a bummer this is turning out to be
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