Gigabyte m68m-s2p bios set FSB?


I have a gigabyte m68m-s2p mobo with a Phenom x4 920 2.8GHz cpu. I have tried overclocking it with every program I can find and went into the bios only to find no where to set FSB. Does anyeone know if this mobo or cpu has a way to be overclocked?

also I have windows 7 64 bit ultimate *not sure if that makes a difference* (ROFL COPTER)

I am not very good with overclocking, thou I have done it in the past. I have little knowledge in it.

second question:

I have an ati 5400 series GPU I think it's a 5450. I have tried overclocking this too, but ati tools, ccc, and about half a dozen other programs won't work for me, anyone have some advice? I know it's not a good gpu for gaming, that's Why I was hoping i could overclock it a bit while I wait to get enought money for a 5970.
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  1. Windows 6. that's a new.

    put a rofl copter here please.
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