Problem deleting thumb drive with music ?

Any suggestions on how to over come make sure yiu specify the correct path and file name...??
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  1. what kind of error does windows give you? is the drive write protected?
  2. ^ go improve your knowledge little boy,

    a write protected 'device' wont give that error.
  3. Fetal said:
    ^ go improve your knowledge little boy,

    a write protected 'device' wont give that error.

    Oh be quiet, I woudlnt know for sure as I never deal with write protected devices. I was just trying to help. Not to mention you are younger than I am little boy.
  4. then you were wrong from the start lil boy. never should have entered the thread...
  5. lol, how about we stop bickering and help him find a solution to his problem if that KB article didnt help him.
  6. try deleting it through safe mode or from the command prompt

    also try reading this article:
  7. ... i see you bickering.
  8. Are you trying to delete a single file, or all music files on the thumb drive. Worst case, just reformat the drive.

    Simple way to delete just all Music files (Note: I do not listen to music). If you know the dot extenstion (ie .txt is for text files). Open a cmd prompt. enter the drive letter for the thumb drive - hit <enter> x:\del *.txt /s <enter> this would delete all text files on drive X. omit the /s and it will only delet the named files in the current directory. (change txt to file extention of music files)

    If you know part of the file name and want to find it - x:\dir abc*.* /s would list all files starting with abc. Change the .* to .txt would list all text files which start with abc. Once you find it, then you can delete it.

    Of coarse you can use windows to do all this
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