BSODs on Brand New Build AMD

Hello Everyone,
I am about ten kinds of ticked off right now at my new machine. I have been very patient to this point, but just for the sake of keeping myself from losing my mind I wanted to get some input on this thing. I am having the most incredibly frustrating experience. My build is as follows:

AMD Phenom II Deneb 3.0Ghz
4GB (2X2) OCZ Reaper HPC RAM
Various HDDs (I have tried many)
Samsung DVD-RW (IDE)
Rosewill 630W PSU

I am using the onboard video as my main purpose with this machine was a low cost, yet powerful hybrid HTPC and editing solution. I have not installed any add-on cards as I can't even get this bugger to work without that stuff yet.

My issues have been many. My main problem are the BSODs I am experiencing while attempting to install an OS (and following installation when trying to use it). I have gotten just about every STOP code known to man, and I'm really at a loss. I have successfully managed to get Vista 64-bit installed twice, but when I run the OS it BSODs within minutes of doing ANYTHING. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this issue, but I'm beginning to believe it's either the board or the processor.

My first thought was the BIOS...easy enough first step...but it was no fun. ASUS's EZ Flash would not even detect a flash drive so I had to create a bootable flash drive and then run their DOS utility through this to upgrade the BIOS. Once I had the BIOS fixed I luck, same issues.

After messing with all of that I was ready to start troubleshooting other things. My second idea obviously was RAM...memtest gave me the thumbs up so I was stumped again.

I tried multiple hard drives with multiple configurations...I was using RAID initially which I thought was the culprit, but that turned out to be wrong as well.

One thing I have not tried are other OS's because I bought these components to run in a 64-bit environment and I won't settle for a 32-bit environment or a far inferior 64-bit XP version. I initially tried the Windows 7 Beta, but have been using Vista 64-bit for most of my trials. The Beta crashes before it can finish installation...every time.

As of lately it will install until the part where it tests the equipment, and this is the first BSOD. Then it reboots and it will run through the setup again skipping the test. Once I login and begin to install drivers it BSODs again.

My latest attempt to resolve the issue was to try different RAM configurations just to be sure the RAM was good. Same result no matter what configuration.

There are three things in my mind which I think could be the problem at this point...the PSU, the board, or the that order. Maybe I am missing something...? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

By the way the PSU and the DVD drive are the only things not brand new, but the PSU was purchased about six months ago and I highly doubt the DVD drive is the issue.

Again any insight will be greatly appreciated. If I don't figure it out by tomorrow I'm giving the Egg a call.
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  1. Did you actually check the voltage and timings for the RAM in BIOS?

    Memtest often misses finding problems when that is the issue.

    It certainly would not be a surprise that a Rosewill PSU was the cause of the problem. You get what you pay for.
  2. I would suspect RAM too . If the timng and voltages are fine

    Try with a single stick and make sure the slot is clean and free of all dust
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