P8600 with DDR2 ram ?

Hi everyone...
I am buying dell studio 15 with P8400 processor, but someone told me that P8400 wis nor compaible with DDR2 ram as compared to DDR3. Studio 15 does not have option for DD3 Ram, so I am confused if I should take P8400 with DD2 Ram or go for lower performance T6400 processor with DDr2 Ram?
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  1. well if it gives the option then it's compatible.
  2. Don't worry about DDR2 vs DDR3. Just get the better processor.
  3. core 2 based chips do not care what type of ram is there. The memory controller on the motherboard determines that not the CPU. Only AMD's A64 and newer and core i7 have the onboard memory controllers that determine ram compatibility. Like cjl said, just get the faster CPU.
  4. IIRC, the Studio series is still using the older chipset, while the Studio XPS are using the newer one (and DDR3)
  5. thanx for all the info guys...
    but i am still a bit confused :pt1cable: , with DDR2 RAM i am getting max of 800 MHz but with DDR3 i'll be getting 1066 onwards. P8600 has 1066 MHz front end bus speed. So if i configure the notebook with P8600 + DDR2, expanding RAM later on wont make much difference, as DDR2 is not having 1066 MHz .. thats what I was told by someone. Any ideas on it ??
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