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hello can anyone help i have just installed hybrid sli i have m3n78 pro motherboard and geforce 9800gtx card i have installed alll the drivers correct ithink the hybrid sli driver and the the 9800gtx driver everthing seems to look ok i get the the green icon and i can switch modes but as soon as i go into save power mode the 9800gtx doesnt seem to power down it remains on and seems to heat up more than it is when in performance mode dont know what am doing wrong my power supply is 850watt but its a cheap one costing about £30 some say you have to have an sli certified power unit can any one help hanx
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  1. You don't need an SLI certified PSU, but it's a safe bet that if your PSU cost 30 pounds, it is not an 850 watt unit.
  2. Get a PSU with "80 Plus" Certification.
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