Cant boot xp

Well after a load of failures i finally got all my hardware working, i thought!

i cant get a winxp dvd to boot on the system though :-(

Ive installed mandriva so the hdd/gfx card etc all work (keyboard/networking/mouse/sound)

but when i try to boot a winxp disk nothing happens, ive tried all the setting for boot order in the bios, even plugged in an external dvd and tried to boot from there (as the drive is a blu ray in the build)..The disk boots fine in a normal windows pc.

i even tried the flash xp install method .. but nothing (flash drive install stuck at veryfying pool)

With the win xp disk nothing! just keeps booting into mandriva ...any ideas, im at the edge of sanity here!

4gig ram
sata hardrive - 500GB
nvidia gforce
sony blu ray
Hp ext DVD
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  1. I dont know what the problem is but it might be that your sata blu-ray isnt seen by XP because its a sata drive . If theres an option in BIOS to change the SATA ports to native PATA then try that

    If that doesnt work and you have one handy I'd plug an IDE dvd drive in to that mb and see if iXP installs from there .
  2. yes its weird, the bios recognises the blu ray drive.. but on boot it says "no drive detected" . however i installed linux from the blu ray :-(

    No option to change to PATA and i dont have a dvd drive except the external one :-(

    wuld vista recognise the blu ray or even windows 7?
  3. Do you have the Blu-Ray drive set up as the first boot device in the BIOS?
  4. the external dvd drive will come out of its enclosure and should be able to plug directly in to the mb .

    its a zero cost option so it may be worth a try .
  5. Maybe try flashing your bios to the latest and greatest verison. This might be a bios issue?

    Also since its a sata drive try plugging the drive into a different port. If you plugged your hard drive into sata port 0 for example try plugging it into sata port 1.
  6. I know what it is i think/hope for your benefit... Is the version of windows an ISO image, or is it a burned copy straight from someone's computer? if it's not an ISO burned image, it wont have the necessary files to boot from CD. You cannot just burn a version of windows as a data disk and try to load it up.
  7. thx for all the helpul replies:

    1., yes blu ray is first boot in bios (ive tried every combination of bios options)
    2. Wil update bios now and reply
    3. Yesbootable windows disk, it boots into the install from any other pc.
  8. :-( how the hell do you update the bios in linux? the donwload centre at gigabyte is windows and the driver is a windows exe which doesnt boot in wine .....

    Use EZFlash(ASUS) or Q-Flash (Gigabyte). Read the manual it will explain how to do this.
  10. Updated bios and still no joy :-(

    The only disk which boots is a dell system disk .. but that doesnt load because its an OEM and naturally the hardware config is wrong!

    Im guessing then that the blu ray is only reading cd's (but then why would linux install from the dvd drive?)

    as ever, any help appreciated, i have my lovely new build and cant use it :-(

    i even tried a mac os but got the error / ( iATKOS_5i)


  11. no no no...I didn't mean to flash the bios for the OS. Find a computer where you can download it and burn it to a cd or to a thumb drive and boot off that. Follow the instrcutions and it should install the new bios.

    What CPU are you using? Isn't there something goofy where older cpu's can't understand blu ray instructions? Maybe someone else here at TH can help me on this idea?

    windows partition wasnt first .. that simple .. only took me a month to work it out :-)
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