Very n00bie question, I'm afraid

Hi everyone

I have inherited 2 PCs from a friend and a relative.

They both have their own problems ....

One is a Dell that has a SATA 250gb HD in it, and my friend would like all of his photos and MP3s back off it, but the PC wont boot so I thought I would order an enclosure for the HD and plug it into my mac and get them off, but I ordered an IDE enclosure instead - there is nothing I can do with that, am I right??

Your patience will be greatly appreciated, as I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time on forums in the coming months!!

I'm predominantly a mac user, so tinkering with PCs is all new to me!!
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  1. Yes, order a different one.
  2. OK, well that's that answered!! Thanks!!

    Why are IDE drives more expensive than SATA??
  3. ... Because they are old. Old products, even if new, cost more. That's how things work.

    i know, starting answers with because is wrong :p

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  4. Ah ok.

    Where's that option??
  5. isn't it under my answers :?
  6. on the post that gave you then answer click on "Select as best answer"
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