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I wanted to use AMD overdrives auto clock feature but whenever I start the procedure my computer reboots does anyone know whats causing this?

Specs are:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X3 Heka 720 Black Edition
RAM: OCZ obsidian 2x 2GB DDR3
MOBO: MSI 790X-G45
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    You really should consider using your BIOS to overclock. Windows based overclocking software does not offer as many options to achieve your maximum overclock.

    It sounds like you have selected a higher overclock setting than your system can even boot with. My guess is that you will need to increase your CPU voltage to be stable. You need to overclock in small increments and test for system stability, and monitor your temperatures.

    You need to research the maximum CPU voltage, maximum northbridge voltage, and maximum RAM voltage. and most importantly maximum temperatures for these. Remember that increase in voltage equals increase in heat.

    There are many guides here at Tom's to help you learn and UNDERSTAND how to properly overclocking your system. If you are interested only in a marginal overclock, the OS based overclocking is OK to use. If you want to spend the time to find the true "sweet spot" of your system, where you know that you have found the optimal overclock based on benchmarks, temperature monitoring, and stability test, then OS based overclocking is not the way to go.

    There are quite a few video on youtube for AMD overdrive, I suggest you search there.
  2. Amd Overdrivel lol
    It does actually say when you start it up, 'may cause system instability and cause the system to hang or reboot' iirc
    it carries on after it reboots
    it also wont give you anywhere near a decent clock for your hardware, its very overcautious, I only got 3.2Ghz out of my X3 435 on three cores from it
    I get 3.5Ghz on 4 cores using the E-z overdrive function in bios, had to fiddle with the ram a touch to stabilise it but otherwise fine
    uninstall Overdive,
    D.load cpu-z, memtest, speedfan and maybe prime95,
    read up on your hardwares capabilities as Henry says
    and ask things on here, people will only try to help, well 97.4564% of us will :P
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