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Hi everyone, I'm completely new to overclocking so I need some advice. I own a intel duo core e7300 cpu and a gts 250 but i want to get the most out of my cpu before i touch the gpu. I read online that my cpu has massive OC potential which got me excited because if done right, I can prolong buying a new cpu in the future. Going forward, I'm only playing Blizzard games. My motherboard is a ECS GF7050VT-M, which i read online isn't ideal for overclocking. I'm using the stock cooler. I also read i had to go to the bios and adjust the multiplier??? kinda overwhelmed with OC as it seems rather complicated. Should i stop at around 3.5ghz? any tips and hints? Thanks!
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  1. You cant adjust the multiplier on those chips, you have to raise the FSB, and you will probably want to lower the RAM multiplier so it doesnt make your RAM unstable, and you will also probably need to raise the core voltage. Be careful and monitor your temps because the stock cooler espically on those 45nm chips (if i recall correctly) is rather small (and stock coolers suck anyhow)
  2. hmmm so should i shoot for around 3.2ghz since i have a stock cooler, or is it possible for me to go higher if i be extra careful lol
  3. 3.3 should be stable enough for you on stock.

    Further risk is involved if you go up.
  4. what would be the equivalent modern cpu by today's standards if i do indeed OC to 3.3?
  5. in c2d e8600. 3.33.
  6. ah i just checked on the cpu hiearchy chart, and that isn't too shabby at all, when i get my 585w psu up and running i will attempt to OC it to 3.33. one more question, I'm using a case with no ventiliation holes in the front or the top of the case...only the back. Is that ok or do i need to upgrade to a better case before overclocking? is there any other things i need to know before i overclock, only thing i thought of is a more stable psu and a better case.
  7. you need well ventilated case. one intake in front, and one as you have it on back. and if you can , install on the sides of casings to better cool the processor. still you need a good heatsink to overclock. you cant crank that much without REAL good cooling.
  8. I have the e7200 ( one multi below yours ) and was able to hit 4.0ghz+ when on decent aftermarket air cooling. My everyday overclock is 3.8ghz and it so far has been more than plenty for gaming when paired with a 4850. Only real advice is to watch the temps as you start bumping up the voltage they increase quite quickly on stock.
  9. ECS motherboards mostly have a locked BIOS. You will have access to very few if any OC settings.

    What you might be able to do is drop your internal multiplier to 7, then increase your FSB to 333 MHz (or 1333 MHz), then gradually increase the internal multiplier until you reach your limit.
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