Does blue screen effect bad on the computer?

i had a blue screen a couple of times...
three, as i remember, happen during my question to you guys, does blue screen effect bad on the computer system? do they cause a permanent damage to the system?
how can i stop it?
please explain...
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  1. the blue screen is when computer encounters a critical error where it has to shut down.

    The "badness" of blue screen depends on what caused it. if it was a bad driver, then that's just a software problem, no big deal.

    but blue screen could also be cause by overheating, at which point, if you are getting blue screens you are likely to incur permanent heat damage of hardware.

    So, the best idea is to figure out what is causing the blue screen and then fix it
  2. But if my computer works fine right now, does it mean it can still be damaged?
    and if i do damage it, what would happen?
  3. The blue screen isn't like an injury to a computer which will keep appearing and affecting the health of your computer getting worse and worse over time.

    It is a particular event which causes and error. Avoiding this error is beneficial though obviously.

    Blue screens can relate to a number of things but if it's gaming it might mean that you're in need of a memory upgrade but it could be something as simple as defragging your machine so that your hard drive isn't running at its full capacity.

    Usually there will be a number at the top of the blue screen. If you make a note of this number you can then look it up on Google. In fact i suppose you could post it on here and then someone can post and sort it out.
  4. I heard if the blue screen happen during gaming it can be a heat problem, as well as lack of memory...
    I'll write a note next time when it will appear...
  5. It could be that the graphics card is overheating...

    Is it Nvidia?
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