Help me overclock my E8400 at 4200 MHZ!!!

My current setup:
E8400,Asus P5N-D using latest bios 1401,4 GB ram @800Mhz,8800 GTS 512 SLI .I would like to get my E8400 running at 4200 MHZ.Currently I'm at 4 GHZ with the following settings:

Vcore 1.296 FSB is at 1779 and Ram at 801 mhz unlinked with 5-5-5-15 timings tRC 20
NB 1.28 tRFC 60
HT 1.34 temps in bios at 35°C
SB 1.54
Ram 1.8 (Stock)

I can get it to boot at 4200 but it's not stable :( .What should I do?
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  1. Increase the voltage? Max voltage for the cpu is 1.36 and the max full load temp for that cpu is 72 C. So, increase the voltage and make sure you have good airflow in the case and a good aftermarket cooler.
  2. Already did,but games still crash.
  3. Liquid cooling... liquid nitrogen.... that would help. lol
    Do you really need 4.2 Ghz? You have already made a 33% overclock, why do you need more.
    Higher OC = Higher voltage = higher temps = faster death.

    A new GPU will make a bigger difference than a 200 mhz overclock.
  4. I'm planning to get a GTX470 or GTX480 in 1 month and I fear my cpu might bottleneck it .
  5. Umm... I think it will. :(
  6. how bad?
  7. Depends on the resolution. The lower the resolution the more CPU power is needed. If you will be playing on 1900x 1200 (I hope I`m correct) a game that requires a good GPU you will get a bottleneck, but a smaller one than having the game on 1280x1024.
    I think it would be like a 5 to 20 fps drop when , but you should be fine. The game will still be playable. Just lower the settings a little bit and save the money for a new CPU.
  8. My monitor native res is 1920x1080.What should I get a new GPU or CPU?
  9. I would say the GPU. It will improve your fps a lot, and you won`t feel the bottleneck till you buy a new CPU afterward.
  10. The bottleneck will be more noticeable on CPU dependent games like dragon age or bad company 2 but FPS should still be over 45.
  11. It will be over 45 if you get a 480.
  12. And there is another problem. My PSU might be a little too weak.I have a corsair VX550W it has a single +12V rail with 41 A .Will it cut it?
  13. I'm soooo glad to see that.Thx man ,everyone says you need a 650W + PSU.
  14. Nah, Corsairs is a good brand and the chart says everything.
  15. What is the Tj max for the E8400? 95?
  16. An E8400 is not going to bottleneck a GTX470 or a GTX480. Certain games like more cores but even a stock E8400 will handle any single GPU. Now if you start running 2 x GTX 480s in Sli then you might bottleneck some but basically an E8400 still holds it's own pretty well especially overclocked.

    If an E8400 bottlenecks the so would an i3 530/540.,2675-7.html
  17. I will never buy another one for SLI. I will keep away from SLI because t still has too many issues (micro stuttering...)
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