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3 way 285 GTX (or 280s) > 295 GTX quad > 4870 X2 Quad (or 4870 x's 4) From Anantechs Performance standard.

In my opinon for Price/Performance, that should be focused on:

4870 X2 quad > 295 GTX quad > 3 way 285 (In terms of cost per output frames.

Opinion from seeing benchmarks
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  1. So, the best dual GPU is 4870X2 and best single GPU, GTX285... hmmm.. good news..
  2. Thats what you got from the article?

    No, the best dual GPU is 295 GTX, best single GPU is 285 GTX.

    Best Dual GPU and card for the value of the 3 is the 4870 X2. But in terms of speed per card... 295 GTX > 4870 X2 > 285 GTX.
  3. Quote:
    So this may come as a surprise to some, but the AMD Radeon HD 4870 1GB Quad CrossFire leads in our benchmarks when focusing on the resolution that matters for this hardware (2560x1600).

    While driver issues and a lack of other "stuff" like PhysX and CUDA to do matter with GPUs in situations where hardware doesn't scale, the AMD solution leads the GeForce GTX 295 in more benchmarks (Age of Conan, Left 4 Dead, and Far Cry 2), and ties the NVIDIA solution in one title (Fallout 3). Not shown in our numbers is Race Driver GRID, as we have a continuing issue in FRAPS that gets in the way of recording performance numbers with 4-way NVIDIA solutions. We were able to watch frame rate, however, and it was clear that the NVIDIA hardware didn't reach the performance levels of AMD hardware in GRID.

    Certainly this isn't a sweeping victory for AMD, and the outcome, because it is close, rests incredibly heavy on the benchmarks we chose and were able to run. Different titles may have produced different results. Thus there is no clear winner in terms of absolute performance. This will depend greatly on title preference. It is worth noting, however, that when Quad GTX 295 leads Quad 4870 1GB, the NVIDIA card comes in at the very top in terms of performance more often than does AMD. But the dark horse in the 4-way focused article is the 3-way high NVIDIA GPUs.

    The 3-way GTX 280/285 leads the 4-way GTX 295 in half our tests: it's a wash and it's either slightly cheaper or slightly more expensive depending on the specific flavor. The 4-way Radeon HD 4870 1GB only leads 3-way GTX 280/285 in 2 out of the 6 tests, though it ties in one of them (Fallout 3 again). If GRID were added back in, it's likely the playing field would be completely even on that count.

    If you want an added twist, moving from 2-way to 4-way, AMD tends to scale better at 2560x1600 than NVIDIA. Whether that's because of lower baseline performance of the 2-way option and less system limitation at the high end, it's still impressive that the playing field is this even.

    So what's the bottom line? Wow ... It's very hard to say that the differentiator is only performance itself. But as we had less trouble with 3-way than 4-way, so our very slight preference for this one is the 3-way GeForce GTX 285. Overclocked hardware will get you even further into the stratosphere. Enjoy the ride.

    If you don't happen to have a motherboard that supports 3x double-slot x16 physical PCIe cards, 4-way will have to be the option. In that case, Quad HD 4870 1GB scores points for keeping up with the Joneses, scaling, and bang for the buck. In terms of performance per dollar, which some people may not care about at these top end price points, AMD leads. At the same time, we must consider that heavy investors like things to play with and PhysX and CUDA do add a potential benefit over AMD that some enthusiasts may like.

    So who's got the true halo? Who can provide the best highest-possible-end option? In spite of our leanings and recommendations and considerations, It's a wash. This one goes down in the history books as a battle for the high end that will come down to brand preference.

    for me its a win for ati
  4. its always a win for ATi for u though;)

    Its a win for P/P but not for raw power.
  5. Please don't bring that in my thread.

    Thank You
  6. Thats COOL !
  7. First of all the results clearly state the 295 GTX ahead in performance. You don't trust one of the most highly respected sites on the web? Well my friend

    Thanks, I've got 1 4870 X2, so really I don't need an upgrade.

    How about we bring World in conflict then? And see how that results, or Bioshock?

    If you keep adding games like that we could go on for ever? How about we bring in the Physx enabled game Mirror's Edge? How about ? Or Cryostasis?

    285 GTS tri > 295 GTX quad > 4870 X2

    Get over it.
  8. Tweaktown says the same thing

    Good day to you sir!

    Oh wait you don't trust this 1 too I guess?
  9. thanks for the link but they didnt test 2x HD 4870X2s in CF,they tested 4 HD 4870s in CrossFireX, i wish they tested 2xHD 4870X2s too :d
  10. He trusts the Inquirer (well an author from the Inquirer) enough to use as a primary source. Enough said.

    edit: reading the Anandtech article now... I didn't know they posted new articles on weekends.

  11. Maziar said:
    thanks for the link but they didnt test 2x HD 4870X2s in CF,they tested 4 HD 4870s in CrossFireX, i wish they tested 2xHD 4870X2s too :d

    Me too.

    And megalolz on the CUDA PhysX thing.
  12. Quote:
    Cry more mr amd stock holder.

    AMD > Nvidia at the top end gpu market. Hell I don't trust Anandtech but anyone who does can quite easily see that AMD > Nvidia. :D

    So wait... you believe that AMD > nVidia, and Anandtech (arguably) has shown that AMD > nVidia, yet you don't think that the publication has merit? In any case, AMD's products doing well in a review shouldn't make me cry... it should have a positive impact (if any at all) on stock prices. Realistically though I think that current economic conditions are more strongly dictating stock prices than current and expected product performance. Still... I'm looking forward to the 40nm release!

  13. Quote:
    I dont trust any publication that finds in favour of the tri-sli 285 in that review.

    So what you're saying is that you'll only believe publications that agree with your beliefs? The Inquirer will write up anything they can get their hands on, including things from less than reputable "unnamed" sources and they are often enough wrong. Then again the Inq is a different kind of beast altogether. It is a repository for rumors in the industry which should only be taken as such (and with a grain of salt). Anandtech is a site that reviews existing hardware and reports on their findings. Findings are findings as long as no one has tampered with the evidence or the methodology.

    Bickering aside (sorry for the off topic), I've finished the Anandtech article and I thought it was very interesting. Quadfire held up quite a bit better that I expected against the GTX295 considering the difference in transistor count and die size. I was also happy to see AMD's products doing well in the fps/$ graphs which I'm sure is what a lot of people are taking into account these days. Then again I was disappointed with the power consumption on the AMD cards. Given my previous comment about transistor count this isn't a very good showing... but then again this isn't really news since the power consumption issue has been visited before.

  14. Quote:
    Lol I knew you were a fanboi but I didn't think you were blind either.

    Can't count? Let me do it for you then. :D


    = 441.7 for the 4 way crossfire 4870


    = 414.7 for the quad sli 295

    This isn't price performance, it's pure performance. You just owned yourself in a thread you posted you mug.

    Ur an idiot, you go against 2 professional websites, read they conclusion, I might not be able to count, but you can't read:)

    So what are the standings then according to yourself?
  15. How many are won by the ATi and how many are won by the Nvidia???
    I'm not a fanboy, not my problem your an idiot that knows how to count but not read.

    you do avgs instead of seeing in how many of the games, the cards actually won.

    Don't infest my thread.
  16. we're not here to argue cheapest. You urself put the avgs of the frames, remember?

    Why would I need you to tell me this, if I said that 4870 X2 is the best P/P?

    Honestly I hate ppl that justify results just because they hate 1 company over the other. Its been closely noted that the general difference between the 295 GT and the 4870 X2 is 10-15%, which doesn't justify the 100$ extra you pay over the 295 GTX alone.

    Now I don't get the whole 1 gig 4870 X2 joke at all, but w.e I don't usually get stupid jokes, or I ignore em.

    Oh yes this brings me to my next point you said that 4 cards consume more than 3, well how come the 295s in quad sli, don't draw what the 285s or the 4870 X2s draw?

    Read all articles, not just the ones that appeal to u.


    "This will depend greatly on title preference. It is worth noting, however, that when Quad GTX 295 leads Quad 4870 1GB, the NVIDIA card comes in at the very top in terms of performance more often than does AMD."


    As for this one read the whole Conclusion, Its not the inquirer but its a respectable site.

    Moving on

    I noticed that 3 285s consume more than 3 280s even with the die shrink, my thought would be the 10-15% overclock in it's clocks (memory, shader and core).
    I do like the idle Power consumption though.
  17. The real name of the game - that no one has quite answered...

    Are we looking to determine the top card by raw performance, performance/dollar, or best visual quality in the 60 fps range? Everyone here seems to be fighting for a different category...

    EDIT: I'm not sure the third category has much merit, on second thought. Either that, or I don't know how to describe (or quantify) it.
  18. exactly:)
    From now on if I post something I'm just going to let venting be venting, I sear to some ppl articles like these turn into ATi vs Nvidia threads:D
  19. no1 said anything about this till you;), so you vs the Reviews of Tweaktown and Anandtech;)

    Have a good day sir:) Grow up kid:D
  20. Hey, jimbo.... you should calm down. In liquid's first post, he said that in the metric he preferred (P/P) the HD 4870X2 won. He's probably not you're enemy, he's just upset you're going on about the topic of your thread in his.

    Also, before you call me an Nvidia fanboy, know that I have never purchased an Nvidia GPU, never installed an Nvidia GPU, never advised an Nvidia GPU, and will likely not buy an Nvidia GPU unless my beautiful ATI fails me miserably.
  21. GTX 295 = Best performance for a card
    4870X2 = Best price for performance

    There is nothing left to debate.
  22. I just think that you need to get over this little "hate nvidia" trip youre on before you post again.
  23. Seems like every1 can understand the situation except this forum retard.

    I think we need a Step up forum for ppl like this, I'm done with this thread. The users of this forum community know alot better than this idiot.

    Ppl like him are the ones that have their heads flushed down the toilet be bullies:)

    Its not the number of posts that gives me my confidence, its the fact that idiots fuel my engine, and you gave me enough fuel to last a while:)

    Look Dumbo, you can keep arguing all you want, from now on I'm ignoring your posts, and moving on, I don't have time for your childish ways. I'm glad I'm not the only 1 that thinks ur an idiot.

    Good day to you, let me know you get your Elementary Diploma;)
  24. Cry me a river ohhh cry me a river ohhhh
  25. Cry me a river ohhh cry me a river ohhhh
  26. Quote:
    I just think that you need to get over this little "hate nvidia" trip youre on before you post again.

    Why are any of you defending these companies? If youre not getting kickbacks for this, or on the company payroll then why are you sticking your d1cks in the guillotine for them?

    Jeez did the same person really make those remarks within 12 hours of each other?


    Your post is totally irrelevant to anything other than your own stupidity. What does hypocrisy have to do with this, those two quotes are completely unrelated. Except the fact that they were aimed at your ignorance and lack of common sense.

    You are an obvious troll and your account was created for the sole purpose of trolling. Youve been plaguing every thread up here for a few days now with your same "anti-nivida" babble. Go cut yourself and put an Nvidia bandaid on it, then sue them for not making you feel better.
  27. Cry me a river ohhh cry me a river ohhhh
  28. Cry me a river ohhh cry me a river ohhhh
  29. Any1 know what the max 4870 X2 was? I'm trying to OC my 4870 X2, and it seems to be crashing from just 50 mhz core clock increase:S
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