Cant update bios? HELP PLZ gfx help too!

It says my windows or w/e is not compatible when i try to clicking on bios update thing. i just built my computer and i feel like its not a full performance cause i have choke and graphic lag. i have a 4850 x2 2gb quad core phenom 955 and a ga ma790xt ud4p i dont think i should have these problems why do it help PLZ!
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  1. if you use a USB flash drive to save the BIOS update too make sure you first format the USB stick to FAT32. then just download your BIOS update, then Extract the BIOS update File to the USB drive, then reset your computer and go into the BIOS Setup and use Quick Flash Utility to update your BIOS from the USB drive,

    and when thats done, remember to "Load Optimize Defaults" (in the BIOS Setup) after updating new BIOS. and save new settings.
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