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Windows 8 beta installation? need help!!!

Hi, so i downloaded windows 8 beta, and it is in a zip file. I heard you have to make a iso img file for it to be bootable. I don't have a cd drive for my desktop, so i'm going to be using a 16 gig SD flash drive.

So what exactly do i have to do to make every thing work?
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    If you grabbed it from here:

    then it should already be an ISO, not a zip file. You need disc burning software that can turn that ISO into a bootable disk/cd. Windows 7 has native drivers for burning ISO file, otherwise I recommend using ImageBurn.
  2. It looks like he wanted to use a usb key rather then a cd/dvd. Once you get the iso file this should step you through loading it onto a memkey.
  3. thanks guys. and yes, i wanted to use a usb drive.
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