Blew my fan controller! Electricians please help!!

Just wanted to get some advice/opinions on something.

I recently fitted a fan controller, 4 knobs to control 4 fans.

I wanted to add on/off switches to this so that I could kill fans altogether.

I went to Maplins today and bought 4 x illuminated switches. I thought i'd do a 'dry run' before fiting and had a go. The power from the fan controller was to light up the switch as well as power the fan. The light came on but the fan didn't spin and I could smell burning components!!!

I opened up the fan controller to find the circuitry burnt out on the fan controlers that I had tested on.

Now after looking on Maplins website ( I see this:

Rating 1.5A 250Vac
LED 2.2Vdc 25mA

So is this why the fan controller konked out, because the switches are the wrong rating for PC usage? If so, what do i need to get?

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  1. ah bad luck man.
  2. Oh and just to make things a bit more confusing, I have just noiced these questions and answers on Maplins website for the switches:


    I see you can use it with 12v DC but how can i power the led? Are further resistors needed or will it take 12v DC. Thanks


    It will require a 430 Ohm resistor.order code m430r


    What resistor would I need to run this off of a 12V DC supply from a computer power supply. Thanks Richard


    390 ohm
  3. Ok managed to salvage 1 half of the fan controller so I have 2 knobs of fan control left. Cut away the other half and 'hid' the bad half (clever stuff!)

    I'd still like to add switches eventually though if anyone knows how.

    Maybe if I just went for a simple toggle switch?
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