4850x2 2gb Install package failure

When Installing catalyst I get the message Application Install: install package failure. It happens when it gets to the ATI catalyst Install Manager part of the install. Any ideas on how to get this to work. I have tried using ever version available for Vista 64 bit and I get the same problem with every try.
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  1. Try manually installing the driver.

    Go into device manager, select the video adapter and browse where you put the drivers.
  2. How do you manually install. I am looking at the device manage right now.
  3. It says I have a problem with standard VGA adapter now when I did it. Also device couldn't start (code 10)
  4. Ok first run driver sweeper or something just to make sure its completely clean.

    You can get it here:

    after that restart.

    Then go into device manager, select display adapters.
    Right click on the adapter (should be standard VGA)> properties>driver>update driver>browse for software

    Also I would use the current 9.2 version direct from ati
  5. Browse where for software? The internet for my C files?
  6. wherever you downloaded and expanded the drivers too
  7. I got my card working but not catalyst. Is that a problem?
  8. Download the latest version from amd.com and install that. You should run driver sweeper first otherwise you may run into issues.

  9. Well, I ran into the same problem... Got Install package failure and a new one. Driver Install: the INF file was not found
  10. Catalyst is not as big a deal as the actual driver I would not think. Go to device manager, then right click on the card, and update driver. Once you get in there, tell it you have a disk, then navigate to where you downloaded the drivers too, and pick the .inf file, and tell it to open, it should allow you to at least use your card.
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