Quadro FireGL the truth, the mistery -what the hell is going on?!

I'm an architect, and I do lots of 3d max work, and even more autocad.

I'm planning on buying a new configuration, and the graphic card is quite important I suppose.
I havent been following the pc industry lately, (altough I used to be quite a techno freak), and now that I want to buy something all I'm left is a bunch of decisions, and nothing rational to go by.

I've been surfing the past 3 days trying to decipher weather an older model of a Quadro card would give me better performance in mentioned applications than the top of the line consumer cards (gtx 280), and I'm left with no answers.

why doesnt no site (especially tomshardware) compare these in the serious applications?!
I'm about to spend money, and I want to know how those graphic cards compare in the business (instead of the games)

how does:

nvidia 280 card compare to 2x 280 cards in busines apps?
How does
nvidia 280 compare to quadros?

same goes for the ati models?

I dont play lot of games, and I dont want to have a pair of 300$ graphic card for an apendix...

especially if I can buy an older model of a quadro for the same money as a pair of GTX or radeons.

the whole internet seems to neglect the issue, and all the reviewers and forums are talking is smokescreen. Nobody has any relative info (and only comparative test I found was for geforce 7800 vs quadro 4500-good old 2006).

is this all just a marketing trick to fool people into buying the quadros, or "vice versa"?
and why is toms hardware ignoring this and not giving any head to head benchmarks so we can see how big the difference is.

P.S. you should seriously check out the nvidia presentation of the quadros...
it's sad that this is the only thing I can go by in judging what card to buy.

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  1. also, would a cheap quadro + GTX280 give a better all around performance than a 2x280?

    there's so many possibilities out there, and nobody is doing anything about it.
  2. I do n`t want to sound rude, but try the autodesk forums:

  3. quadro/fgl are based off the same hardware as their consumer level counter parts but have extra features specifically designed for 3d apps such as autocad, 3dsmax, video editing, rendering movies...they are designed for workstation apps and thus the higher price tag

    "also, would a cheap quadro + GTX280 give a better all around performance than a 2x280?
    there's so many possibilities out there, and nobody is doing anything about it."

    what do you mean by "better performance" ???
    do you want to SLI for gaming? cuz you cant really SLI a quadro and a gtx 280


    if you are a professional architect i would go with a quadro or fireGL

    if its just a hobby, get a consumer level card such as gtx280
  4. @coozie7 thanks, I did find some stuff at autodesk that helped, but not a whole lot... I'm still hoping for a head to head hardware comparasion (and you didnt sound rude)

    @kamkal; I understand the price difference and (most of) the technology and difference from quadro and geforce; but there lacks substantial tests that could tell me how much faster a quadro is than geforce in certain application.
    I dont want to pay 3 times as much for a 20% performance increse, hence I'm searching for a good benchmark of the cards to base my decission on.

    not a SLI for gaming, but trying to get the best of both worlds at once:
    Here's how I got the idea:

    nah, even a professional architect cant take the full advantage of the quadros (most of the colleagues I know cant take the full advantage of the core duo notebook)... but I love to tinker from time to time, so I wanna know what my options are since I'm buying a new configuration, and I'm making quite complex 3ds.
  5. Found it! This is the only review I know of comparing pro and gaming cards under pro conditions.

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