Seagate FreeAgent Externet Drive Clicking Sound

Hello, I bought a 2TB Seagate FreeAgent drive a while ago and just started using it. I have transferred about 200 gig of files overnight. This afternoon it started making a "clicking" noise. Is this normal? The clicking sound comes and go. Is that normal? The drive s still accessible and I have yet to install the software that came with it. Should I install the software and run the test, or is the drive is about to fail and I should contact Seagate for replacement? thanks.
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  1. a clicking sound is a bad sign, the drive might be failing so try and get a replacement (if you still can)
  2. I ran the Seagate test and it showed everything is fine. I am running the Windows scandisk and checking for bad sectors.

    So can you say for sure the drive is going to fail, even though there is no errors?
  3. not for sure, but you shoudl be very careful about what you put on the disk (to be on the safe side)
  4. Okay thanks. I guess I need a backup of a backup of a backup then. It is frustrating disks are cheap and yet highly unreliably these days.
  5. backup = 2+ copys of any important data

    clicking could be the drive seeking, or a new bad "clunking" noise means its on its way out, and when it "collapses" you wont easily get your data off (by yourself anyhow)
  6. This is actually the 3rd disk of my chain of backups, but because of its size I am storing my technet ISOs on it. I have an enclosure for a 2TB disk coming tomorrow that I will use as the last backup disk.

    Does anyone know of a free comprehensive disk diagnostics tool that I can download and check the Seagate FreeAgent? Seagate Test was over in 5 minutes and it said the disk is fine. XP scandisk is stuck at 50% for almost an hour and I am not sure either of those are reliable indicators.
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    Try to change usb port. It must be conected on back side. Don't use long usb cable.
    Check power cord.
  8. I ran XP chkdsk overnight and it completed this morning without errors or bad sectors. Amazingly, the clicking sound is gone for now (touch wood). I moved the PC and changed the USB port, and also tightened the power cord. I have a feeling the power cord is a bit loose, thus not supplying enough power to the unit (read on Newegg that for the internal version of this Seagate drive, when not enough power on the 12V rail causes the drive to click). However, I am leaving the USB port the way it is. Not going to experiment with it.
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