Anything I should know before I start building?

I've ordered all my parts and I'm going to build it friday. Is there anything i need to know about installing windows that it wouldn't give in the OEM pack for Vista, anything not stated in the manual for the BIOS? Also, I have have to set the disk drive as my boot drive, right? As you can see I'm getting pretty nervous about this.
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  1. You'll be fine! Everything should go as smooth as cake. Just make sure you ground your self, all your components are compatable and yes you book to your disk drive to install your os first.
  2. It's all compatible RAM on QVL and it's even an ASUS (P5Q Pro). Grounding is static right?
  3. Yea, just touch your power supply with your fingers ( just to be on the safe side )
  4. I have an Anti Static Wrist strap.
  5. I would still do it just for extra precautions.. I mean it only takes what 2 seconds to touch the ps.
  6. not even 2 seconds...
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