Advice on a new graphics card please????

I currently run intel quad 9450, 4gig ram, win xp64 sp2, geforce 7800gtx. I have a 22" screen which I want to run in 1680 x 1050 but certain games get a bit blurry in play. Without breaking the bank, which graphics card will do the job for me. I was considering geforce 9800GT 1 gig?? Will this card be better and/ or is there a better option??

Any advice appreciated.

Ta, spyderc
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  1. HD 4850/4870 would be an excellent upgrade
  2. thank you.
  3. No problems mate :) glad i could help u :)
  4. nVidia 9800GTX+ also good.
  5. i will go for the ATI 4850 or 4870 they are great video cards.
  6. What's your budget, and what games do you play?
  7. I play Crysis, FEAR2, Halflife, Stalker, Flight Sim - all pretty demanding on graphics. Fear2 and Crysis seem to be the ones pushing the limits now! I guess my budget in Rands would be +-R2500. Probably around $180 - $200, depending on exchange rates etc. I would buy local so id probably pay premium prices.
  8. i aslo stay in south africa! i bought my Ati radion 4870 for R3112. it is worth the money spend!!! dit is n bakgat GPU
  9. I'm not sure what the local prices are like there, but a Radeon 4850/4870 or Geforce GTX 260 should do everything you want and more.
  10. to the shops I go.... he he he!!
  11. Fear2 isn't really demanding.
    Like they say, 4850 or 4870 or GTX 260 or 9800GTX+, depending on your budget.
  12. cheap 230 buck GTX 260 beats the normal 4870 512 while the 4870 1gb oc beats the GTX260 :D
  13. Someone sent me this link with the article title:

    "Radeon 4870 Gets $50 Price Cut to $149, Radeon 4850 Will Drop to $129"

    The date of the article was yesterday, March 2.
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