Corsair H70 ?

the nhd14 took the h50 buy a few degrees in most tests that iv seen and now the Corsair H70 is coming out.

so im guessing its going to be better than the h50, anyone think its going to be better than the nh d14??

and does anyone know what price its going to be??
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  1. Well, these guys say the NH-D14 blows the H70 away, but I'd wait for some more reviews before making up your mind:
  2. I've read a couple of reviews and the H70 is better then the H50 and comes with two fans and a larger rad.
    I've heard cost are about $120 list.
  3. idk man i saw 2 benchmark reviews and the d14 still had the h70 by like 2 degrees under load they where equal at idle but who cares about idle

    if the d14 is still better it kinda sucks because its so ugly you dont ever want to look at it and the h50/70 looks so much better installed.
  4. Yeah, from the reviews I saw the NH-D14 still beats it by a few degrees, although preference would really depend on your situation.

    Do you have room for the Noctua? Would a low profile H70 fit better?
    What is your budget? The NH-D14 is cheaper (but not cheap)
    Noise is something to consider (both are quiet, although the D14 is near perfection), Case temps and airflow should be considered... etc, etc.

    IMO, neither are very realistic for the "average" overclocker. Great results can be found from a $40-$60 cooler, and after that, you get less and less temperature drops for more and more money. I do completely understand them though... I just couldn't justify purchasing either. You read all these flame wars of people debating back and forth, back and forth on whether CPU A or CPU B is a better value. We all get down to the minor details and compare pro's and con's, all to save $20-$50 or so (the same for GPU's).... and then you get people blowing over $100 on coolers alone when you could have just bought an extremely superior CPU to begin with. Makes no sense. I think coolers are important, but $120? No thanks, I'd rather put that towards a different component.
  5. ^Correct. In most cases, most people also would. However, not everyone has the same point of view on what is important to spend money on, so it's a matter of opinion. The best stance to take is one of educated purchasing; using many points of research and data to make the best choice before spending money.
  6. h70 is now 110 the d14 90 so i 20 dollar difference.

    i haven't seen the tests but if its only a few degrees off lets say what 2-3??

    lets say you have a haf x case. the h70 is way more low profile so wouldnt the airflow of the case be higher cooling the graphics cards better??

    or does the fans on the noctua create better airflow inside the case??
  7. If you have hot graphics cards in the case then the H70 can give poor performance as its cooling using hot air from the cards so you may have to reverse the airflow in your case completely so I think the N14 would be better in every way except the size and looks.
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