Can SSD buffer like DVD drives?

I want to knoe if a SSD needs to be programmed to buffer like a DVD driver or if itll just use windows/software to do so?
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  1. what kinda stupid question is this? :S
  2. SSDs have a RAM cache much like a hard drive, although it's mainly used for caching writes, not reads. It's built into the drive and there is nothing you can do to control how it works.
  3. Fetal said:
    what kinda stupid question is this? :S

    It's better than your answer. Stop with the jabs!
  4. My big deal here was I was looking into the Larrabee From intel, and because it was droped I was hoping to find another way, to help games run on my system with out a fully programmable GPGPU/APU. Its not going to work as good as I had hope anyways. Plus with a GPGPU/APU I could have games from Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo run on a PC, the profit is greater. I think its a better way to go instead of a SSD for storage management system. Now my problem is where to get a programmable GPU tesla and the information to make it run the way I want to accomplish the task. None of these thing are readly available yet.
  5. By the way my goal is not to get Playtation, xbox, or nintendo game running on my system, but to run games that I can only get 25 FPS to run at a higher FPS with out overclocking.
  6. I dont know much about raid systems but I was thinking with the right raid system 0+1 I could run these games faster. Any ideas?
  7. It's pretty unlikely that your hard drive is the limiting factor. If your games are only running 25fps, your CPU (maybe) or GPU (more likely) is the limiting factor, not the hard drive.
  8. Stupid questions Deserve a stupid answers (or Jab).

    Dont tell me his question isn't stupid as it comes. May be he used wrong wording/full sentence, but i gave a proper answer.
  9. Fetal said:
    Don't tell me his question isn't stupid as it comes.
    A wise man once said: there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.
  10. then a wise man corrected him with:

    'To every action there's an equal and opposite reaction'

    you didn't get it? OK here:

    "Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer."
  11. Stay on topic, and stop derailing threads.
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