Upgrade old laptop CPU?

Hi there,
I have an old laptop HP DV1000, with an intel celeron M @ 1.5 GHz
Is it possible (or easy) to upgrade my lappy CPU?

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  1. The chipset is an Intel 855GM, so I think your options are pretty limited. I think that chipset is only compatible with Pentium Ms.
  2. How much would RAM help?
    I currently have 2x256mb (2 slots total) for 512mb.
    If I replaced one 256mb with a 512mb, (for a total of 768mb), would that improve performance?

    I'll check the chipset as well
  3. It can handle 2GB max, so 1GBx2 the max...but 1GB DDR1 modules go for like $40 on ebay....Fing ridiculous!
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