Don't ship PC's with UPS!

I am pissed. In short, UPS f*cked up PC.
First of all, I gave them my PC already packed in a box, all they had to do was put it in a second box. They didn't think it was simple enough to do that. They took my PC out of the box shoved packing peanuts in and forced my case in the box.

I open the package (I was the sender and receiver) and all the case brackets in the back are bent to s*it! I look at my CPU cooler (Hyper 212+) and the copper pipes are bent! HOW THE HELL DID THEY DO THAT, you may ask? Oh by shoving my $800 PC into a box carelessly!

I thought "Oh everything is fine". No. My CPU originally maxed out at like 55C, now that is the idle temp! In OCCT it gets to 73C and blue screens! Needless to say after spending $150 on shipping, I am EXTREMELY pissed. I can't game now. Thanks UPS!

I called today. I said my PC was damaged because of carelessness (which is true), and the woman had audacity to say "We just put packing peanuts in the top of the box you gave us then put it in the bigger box". She said this in a tone I did not appreciate. I was going to say it looks like you decided to punt the f*cking thing! So, now I get to send pics to UPS and go through a lengthy process.

On a side note, anyone know how to replace a CPU cooler quickly?
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  1. Replaced it with the stock CPU cooler. Not stable at my 3.6 that was fine with my 212+ when it worked.
  2. Argh, but it was their carelessness. It just pisses me off. If it was sheerly due to it being shaken up in a box, I would understand, but they squeezed it into a box. *sigh*

    I have no f**ing clue why it was $150.
  3. that sucks man.
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