Need Help Tweaking Computer. Looking for Everyones opinion.

Ok, to start off.... I just purchased an Inspiron 530. Which is pretty base line Dell Desktop. Although I upgraded the Prcoessor to a Intel Core2 processor Q8200 w/Quad Core Technology and 4MB cache. I also upgraded the Memory to a 4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz.

I will be getting my computer in about 2 weeks and have been browsing around for a week or two at Video Cards and PSUs.

After looking at new/old hardware I finally decided I am going to pick up an ATi Radeon HD 4770. This is a fairly new Video Card, I belive being released in only the last 3-4 months. I chose this card because it has a 128-bit GDDR5 memory interface. Which I belive to be the most powerful GDDR out at the moment. It also supports DirectX 10.1. I slightly know my way around the computer insides but am most certainly not a proffesional at the stuff.

My last computer rig/ Video card was pretty old school (being purchased about 6 years ago for the computer, 4 years for the Video Card) and did not require a new PSU. Although, with the 4770 I will need to upgrade from my stock 350w PSU to a 500w PSU. Ive been looking around and havent really found a PSU that really stood out (looking at reliability, quietness, strength, popularity).

Does anyone have a suggestion for a power supply that will not only be reliable and powerful but also fit? I dont know the exact size I will have to work with but I guess it would be about about 6 in. x 5 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in. My range is preferably $35-$55 but am willing to go to $75 for one that I can really depend on.

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  1. It's hard to be sure if your Inspiron 530 uses an ATX case (the product page mentions "Mini Tower" which can mean practically anything to me). Given the dimensions you provided, I think an ATX PSU can fit. Contact Dell to make sure. In any case, CORSAIRS are a good PSU brand.

    If you were willing to upgrade your PC right away, why didn't you just buy parts and have a technician assemble them? Would've saved you a lot IMO.
  2. I actually attempted to try and upgrade the PSU through Dell. Unfortunatly, Dell doesnt have upgrades through this model PC. You have buy a High-End PC for gaming for Dell to give you the options to upgrade stuff like the Power Supply.
  3. The 4770 is a fairly low power card. You should be able to run it on the 350W Dell psu.
  4. Check this one out....It is one the best PSU manufacturers and that PSU could even power a GTX 285...
    But like orangegator said, you might be able to run it if that PSU has a 6 pin power connector...
  5. orangegator said:
    The 4770 is a fairly low power card. You should be able to run it on the 350W Dell psu.

    That's what you would think it being a a card that doesnt require much of a power supply. Unfortunatly, the requirement is atleast 450w.
  6. Thanks, you guys. I am going to start a new forum. I have recently decided that I want to use Ati Radeon 4770 Crossfire. Look for my new post because I still need help. :ange:
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