What is a good graphics card for me?

i have a t3302 e-machiene, i have maxxed my memory to 2g and have goten an hd monitor. i am currently running with a crappy nvidia 5500 fx card and want to replcae it. i am looking for a good nvidia card to do so. any suggestions?
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  1. are you trying to game or something? it isn't bad compaired to the specks from the rest of your computer.
  2. just trying to improve my fps. i play wow but currently i can only do it at low settings
  3. That board has an AGP slot, not a PCI-E slot. As such your best bet is to go with a Radeon 3650 AGP or 2600XT/Pro. The Radeon 3850 AGP is certainly much faster, but I doubt the PSU that comes with your computer can handel it. If you really want to go with an nvidia card then you're going to have to spend more money on an inferior product by hunting around for a 7900/7950 series AGP card. I've seen a few but they go fast and they cost more than a much faster Radeon 3850AGP, which is why I wouldn't think it to be worth it.
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