What motherboard should I buy?

The wire from my speaker got cut-off and then got connected to the case of the computer. The computer then produced a light spark and then turned off permanently. My power supply is all right, though it had a bloated capacitor. I replaced the capacitor after that. My processor is OK since I automatically turned off itself when it detected a trouble on the motherboard every time I try to reopen it. My memory is OK, I think. The hard disks are fine. I haven't tested the video card yet, but it's not the problem, The computer still automatically shuts itself down when I try to turn it off. So, I'm pretty convinced it's the motherboard itself.

I'm planning on buying another board. ~_~ My budget is PHP3500. So, can you please look at these motherboards and see what's best for me.

This is where I always buy since I pay them 6 months installment via my uncles credit card..
http://www.asianic.com.ph/product_ [...] ards/price

Also, while I was looking for a new motherboard, this motherboard seemed to be different from the others.
The Processor 775 socket is part of the expansion slots...
And also, the format of the overview is quite different from the others.

Anyway, my specs are as listed below:

Processor : Pentium D 2.66Ghz Smithfield 805 90nm
Memory : 2 x 2GB Kingston 2GB DDR2 667Mhz Long Dimm 240pin
Graphics card : Palit 9400 GT 1GB 550/1400Mhz GPU/Shader
1TB : Western Digital Caviar wd10000aacs 1TB SATA II
Power Supply : 600W (??) I forgot the brand and specs (2xSATAII/PERIPHERALS;1x12+4pins; 1x4pins)
OS : Windows Vista Ultimate

~_~ I'm still on my way to upgrading it to a better computer. My motherboard got roasted. So, I guess this is a chance to get a better board. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you very much! And if possible, I want a board compatible with Quad. So, I can upgrade later on.
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  1. Since you apparently need to order from that site and your budget is limited, then the Intel motherboard looks like a good choice, but it won't support your Pentium D CPU (http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?BoardName=Dg41RQ).

    Finding a new motherboard compatible with the 805 is a challenge. The Asrock Wolfdale 1333-GLAN supports it, but it won't support Quad core CPUs. The other motherboards that support Quads won't support your 805. You have a choice: buy a much more expensive motherbaord that supports both the 805 and Quads or buy a new motherboard/Quad CPU combo.
  2. Hi i'm very noobs at hardware..
    if i have bugdet about $400 what is the best spec that i can have...
    grafic card

    please send the spec into my email at ianzchristian@yahoo.com
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