Windows7 doesn't detect WD800 caviar Hard Drive


i've recently installed windows7 ultimate x86 and the thing is it doesn't detect my (100% intact) Western Digital WD800 caviar HDD

is there a driver that i need to install ?

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  1. Did you enable IDE/PATA in your BIOS settings? Did you load the IDE/PATA drivers (probably jmircon 363 or 364) , if you have a recent motherboard - they are on the motherboard's installation CD.
  2. thanks for reply.

    well actually i don't understand b'coz the hard is all there in the BIOS and even in device manager ! but still i cant see it when i click on "computer" with the other HDDs !

    is there a rationale for that ?

    and answering your Q. yes it is enabled in BIOS and yes it is updated by windows with the latest drivers !!
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