Asus A8N SLI deluxe mobo VGA Upgrade ??

So I have my old A8N SLI deluxe mobo that I decided to turn into a media center PC. Right now It is running 1 gig of memory, a AMD 64 3800+ and duel EVGA 6800 GT video cards. I plan on upgrading the memory and video cards. I did some reading and apparently my board is PCI express V 1.0a. If I am right 2.0 cards can not work with my board. I have been out of the loop of computer hardware for a couple years now. I basically want to upgrade my video cards but don't want to over do it and waste money becuase my board will bottle neck the card. I am looking into the 8800 GTS. Correct me if I am wrong but they are not PCI-e 2.0 so they should work. What would be the best cards to get for this board. thanks for your suggestions!
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  1. Your A8N-SLI PCIE 1.0 will work fine with any PCIE video card. Nvidia 9XXX or 2xx series cards will work fine on the A8N-SLI board single card or in SLI configuration. I have 2 x 8600Gt in my A8N32-SLI. I also have the A8N-SLI curently with two 7600GT's in SLI.
  2. I am now thinking I will put two evga 8800 GTs into my system, since anything more power full won't fit in my HTPC case. Do you think my AMD 64 3800+ CPU will bottleneck these cards at all? thanks
  3. What resolution/games are u going to play at ?
  4. 1024x768 or higher. It will have to be high because i am hooking it up to my HD projector which is a 100 inch screen.
  5. Well for that resolution,u will be fine unless u play lots of RTS games which require a faster CPU.
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