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Recently, my power supply died on me and i was considering getting a new one to power my system.

it consists of :

AMD X2 7750BE
4gb OCZ DDR2 ram
x1600pro but also going to get an upgrade card for this, thinking the HD4770 edition.
and 2 hard drives and a DVD drive. (1 SATA 1 IDE)

i do over clock my system.

i was thinking of purchasing either the 500watt OCZ stealthxstream for 40 dollars after mail in rebate

or the 600watt OCZ modxstream for 65 dollars after rebate.

I'm pretty limited as to the price range but i would like it to be under 60 dollars ideally, so are these power supplies good? and which of the two would be good for me and my system, considering the 25 dollar price difference.

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  1. HD4770 and the 500w OCZ StealthXStream is a good match.
    CORSAIR CMPSU-400CX $40 a/r is also a good match.
  2. im not really too worried about the sound or anything. just looking for a reliable power supply over the generic brand ive been using. also isnt 400Watts too little? or is that ok?

  3. the prices i mentioned are in Canadian dollars as well.. i also found a 480W Thermaltake Purepower Butterfly for 33 dollars. would that be better than the stealthxstream?

    sorry also Enermax EG-565P-VE 535W for 60 dollars no rebate.

    is that better than the ones mentioned?
  4. hm can someone pick out a good powersupply for under 70 bucks.. from these websites.

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