I7 920 w/ GA-58-UD5 won't go past stock setting. Please help.


I've searched around the forums and tried multiple solutions to my problem. I can't seem to overclock past my stock settings. Even with an increase of one to the BCLK. Here are my specs:

GA-58-UD5 Motherboard
i7 920 2.6ghz
EVGA GTX Geforce 260
Corsair 3x2 DDR3 1333mhz 9/9/9/24
Corsair 550W powersupply

I have an updated bios, all drivers are up to date.

Whenever I change the bclk from stock (133) to anything above >133, my computer won't get past the windows logo. I've adjusted the memory so it's below the 1333mhz to ensure it isn't that. I've played around with the vcore ranges from 1.2-1.5v and the qpi from 1.2-1.5v. I've tried disabling all the power saving options. Still, I can't get any type of oc'ing settings to work. What am I doing wrong or what have I not tried to rule out?

The computer runs on stock absolutely fine with no crashes. I feel like it's a minor setting I've overlooked. I've noticed that the corsair ram shows up as 1066 on stock with 8/8/8/20 timings but I've adjusted them to 9/9/9/24 when overclocking.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you
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  1. Can you increase the CPU multiplier?
  2. Its a strange one, have you tried a bios update?
  3. Yeah, I've updated the bios to newest non-beta version.

    Yeah, I can change the multiplier --- should I be messing with that instead of bclk?
  4. Well if you can up the multiplier it will only effect the CPU and leave your RAM alone. This is one of the reasons AMD sell so many black edition CPUs, because they have unlimited multiplier settings so you can easily overclock your chip.

    I for example haven't got the best RAM for overclocking (Corsair XMS2) so instead of upping the FSB or whatever, I just up my CPU Multiplier to now run my CPU at 3.6 instead of the stock 2.8 - RAM still sitting cool at 800MHz as intended.

    Try upping your multiplier and see if you can boot stable.
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