1920x1080 reso - will a HD 4830 be enough

Before I order it, is a ATI HD 4830 enough to drive a 1920x1080p lcd for light gaming/ hd tv recording / other mild gpu processes?

Also, I haven't ordered a monitor yet, so I will be starting out on a Gateway 15 or 17" lcd with max reso of 1024x768. This gpu should slay this resolution in the meantime correct?

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  1. If you keep the gaming medium/light then yes. You should be able to max out a lot of currently popular games though.
  2. As long as you don't set the eye-candy at high you should be okay.

    See benchmarks @ 1920 x 1200. Since 1920 x 1080 is lower tack on 5% performance increase.

  3. Yep, it should do fine at your starting resolution. As for the higher one, what games do you play? I can pretty much guarantee it won't max Crysis at that resolution.
  4. It will be fine for medium+ settings. I'd just keep AA off and run at native resolutions. You won't win any awards or anything, but it will run any game you want.

    I always like how people say "Light Gaming", which is doesn't pertain to the visuals at all. It refers to your gaming trends. A light gamer doesn't play much, as opposed to a Heavy game that play constantly. Most Heavy gamers I know don't even have that great of rigs. while some of the light gamers I know have top of the line stuff. I'm a light gamer and I like it to look GOOD, so I got the 4870. It's all what you are willing to spend and how good you want the visuals.... Sorry, I was being technical about it.
  5. what would i run crysis on with a HD4830 ///2GB RAM /// Board:P5LD2/Dual core o/c to 2.4Ghz /// 550WAT psu ????
  6. Komomu said:
    what would i run crysis on with a HD4830 ///2GB RAM /// Board:P5LD2/Dual core o/c to 2.4Ghz /// 550WAT psu ????

    Whatever gives you the best mix of performance and visuals.
  7. ^
    It all depends on what res you are running. I am guessing Medium
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