Nvlddmkm screwed my graphics card?

Here's how it started, I tried to play Team Fortress 2 and my game crashed due to nvlddmkm. I thought it couldn't be too bad, so I got new drivers and started to play TF2 again when it crashed, but not before also giving a graphics glitch ingame. I restarted and began to look for fixes when I began to get glitches even on the desktop with nvlddmkm constantly crashing, from odd designed slanted 'lines' of blue pixels to eventually black squares. I panicked and reformatted, but it was too late, for even when my computer would load, it would show graphics glitches. The only time it doesn't show odd pixels is when it is in bios or when it is in a certain stage of loading, but it shows odd text (both in that stage and in bios), not completely random but yeah. So after talking with someone, we think that it's my graphics card probably and that i'm probably gonna have to get a new one, but I just wanted to confirm that it is the graphics card which is the problem. nTune doesn't show any graphics card options and I can't even run Diablo 2, but I can browse internet fine and watch videos.

My specs from memory are:

680i SLI Mobo
8800 GTX
Intel E6600 Dual Core CPU
700 Watt PSU
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  1. To me it sounds like a DOA graphics card. Sounds like it might have over heated
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