Desperate- Would it be really stupid to buy this card?

Boy, I could sure use some help!

I posted about my problem in this thread asking for a suggestion regarding which card to buy.

After posting I've been reading here for hours and I'm more confused than ever. Would it be really stupid to just go ahead and buy the same card I had even though it's old?

I'm considering this because I know nothing about this and at least I know that one works in my computer. Stupid? I'm giving myself a migrane thinking about this and I don't want to buy the wrong thing. Plus I'm going a little crazy without a computer. It's more than I should probably spend on an old computer, but I can't get a new one at this time.

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  1. Let me help you out a bit. Your power supply, the standard in an 8300 is ~300watts on a single +12v rail. I do not know how many amps are on it, but if you want to look at that then there will be a label on the power supply that says +12v with a number next to it. That number will be in amps and is the number most people will ask you for.

    At first glance I would think a 3650 should work in your comp. The only thing that worries me is that the power supply has aged.

    The link above will take you to the card that I suggest. It should just plug in just like the video card that you currently have in there, but you will want to install the updated drivers from Remember to first uninstall the old ATI drivers before you install the new ones. Hope this helps! Ask all the questions that you want man, no worries!


  2. From your first post and this one it sounds like your just looking to get your PC up and running and allow your kids to do someone light gaming. I am gonna take for granted the person above was right about your power supply I looked and looked and looked and couldn't find anything on it but 300watts does sound right for that kinda computer. Now with that said his video card is nice and will allow you to do some moderate gaming but it sounds like there is a cheaper solution to your problem. I would not buy that card you linked to that sounds kinda iffy 180 day warranty and a company I never heard of. I would be worried its a used card. Personal I would get a 9800Pro like the one in there now off e-bay I would just look for a dealer with near perfect feedback based in United States. From your original post you said you had installed memory into the PC. Replacing the video card isn't much harder if its harder at all. In a worse case if you have problem installing it best buy geek squad will install video cards or if you want a local tech can install. Also if you wanted to and have some time call around to the local techs someone might have a new or used 9800Pro locally they will part with for cheap. Just some ideas but no need to get upset :D we will get it ya working :D
  3. Are you looking for AGP card?
  4. First, thank you so much for the replies!! I walked down to my neighbors house in the snow on the off chance that I'd get a response! You all made my day!

    1. Regarding the AGP- I'm not sure. That what I have now but I noticed there are also PCI slots in the comp.

    2. As far as the question regarding the power supply, I'll run home and check my computer and come back and post!

    3. The comp is used for light gaming (sims 2 & zoo tycoon for the kids). The old graphics card was great with the Sims2. It's no longer played a lot but I want it to be able to be played since have it.

    Thank you so much!
  5. After lots of research and looking I found this
    which is the link to your power supply for your PC. I added the link in case anyone else wanted to take a look and make a suggestions. As far as video cards 9800pro is as good as your gonna fine on a 250 watt power supply most require 300- or better. Given most dell power supply from what I have read are hearty and good build quality I would not risk hooking up a video card that not rated for that power supply. The 3650 requires a 400 Watt or greater power supply (550 Watt for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode) power supply. I am sorry I didn't do a more in depth post last night I was half a sleep. Also to the person that asked it was AGP or not it is a AGP card.
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to research that for me. I looked and this is what I found, I wasn't able to read all of the numbers.

    Model #PS-6311-ID
    DC Output 305W
    100-120V-6A 50-60 Hz
    200-240-4A 50-60 Hz

    50C Max
  7. This will work, it even uses the same large power connector (Molex connector).
  8. coozie7 said:
    This will work, it even uses the same large power connector (Molex connector).

    I didn't see this as I was posting, thanks.
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