Motherboard Beeps, nothing will show on the screen

I have a computer that recently got a what seems like a major problem. :(

Whenever I start up the computer it beeps in this pattern.
I was reading about motherboard beep codes and stuff, but I couldn't find any in this particular pattern.

4 beeps
3 beeps
1 beep

Nothing will show on the monitor, not even the bios. :??:
I tried using a different video card but that was not the problem.
Any ideas would be of help.
Thanks for any info. :)
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  1. The MB is working because it is giving the CMOS error beeps. Could be any number of reasons including RAM. Maybe try unplugging the system, remove the battery and reset the CMOS jumper. That would default the BIOS. If that doesn't lead to a solution, you would have to bench test the system with CPU, 1 DIMM RAM in slot 1 and the video card only (unplug everything else). If a bench test fails to solve the problem. Spare parts would be needed including RAM, video card and possibly PSU CPU.

    If you want help list your system specs including CPU/MB/RAM/VC/PSU etc.
  2. Okay, so I found out that I have Phoenix bios and I went to see all their beep codes online.
    It said that 4-3-1-3 meant to initialize the chipset.
    What does this mean, and how do I do it?
  3. bump? lol
  4. Initialize chipset?
    I would say you have a motherboard problem that you probably cannot fix.
    If your board has a chipset fan, check and make sure it is plugged in properly, and working. If it is not, that MIGHT cause the error, but I dunno.
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