Whats better an older 3.6 ghz cpu vs. a newer 2.8 ghz cpu

I need a new cpu and i found an older pentium 4 3.6 ghz prossecer and i was wondering if it was as good as a newer prossecer with not as many ghz
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  1. No it is not even close to newer technologys slower speeds.
  2. it would make a great firewall/dhcp pc if you underclock and undervolt it
  3. ok so its better to get a slower but newer cpu
  4. The slower e5200 2.5ghz runs faster core for core than the fastest p4 ever produced by a significant amount (single core performance) The chips become more efficiant and can do more per clock cycle so newer slower c2d are faster and they multi task better having two or more cores
  5. I play total war games and other strategies most often so what would you guys say is best cpu for my money because i don't got a lot
  6. What motherboard and memory do you have?
  7. don't get any cpu that's less than the e5200^-^
  8. Ok i have an Asus p5n-sli 570 and i have ddr2 memory 5 gb
  9. also i just thought about this but isn't it pentium d duel core or does that not matter
  10. q8200 would be good or is that over doing it
  11. Q8200 is a waste of money.
    If you wanna save and you're just gaming, go for either the E5200 or step up to a Core 2 Duo, maybe the E7400 or so.
  12. thanks
  13. how much is over doing it with the cpu. would e8400 be over doing it
  14. pdusmc said:
    how much is over doing it with the cpu. would e8400 be over doing it

    Nah. An E8400 is an excellent CPU.
  15. Question: Which Total War game in particular? Those games love CPU horsepower, and even in Rome:TW, my QX9650 can struggle in massive battles (5000+ units)(haven't gotten to ME2:TW or E:TW yet).

    Sounds like a low end Quad or a E8600 to me. With prices so dirt cheap, unless hes on a strict budget, he may as well go all the way.
  16. I play from rome up to empire mostly empire total war though
  17. Probably better with a Quad then. Once you hit those 2000+ unit battles, the extra cores really start to show off. I'd look at the Q9550 or the Q9450.
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