Grapics card upgrade in a hp m8400f

hey i need any and all info on exactly how to install a gtx 285 in to a stock hp m8400f??? will the card fit and if so what cables will need to be replaced? will i need right angled sata cables. if so which ones? i wll be replacing the power supply with this one i am thinking of buying this card and any help would be great! thanks.
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  1. Hmmm, the link says the item was deactivated, then showed a list of Coolmax products. If it was a Coolmax PSU, it was probably junk; "max" in the name of a PSU seems to refer to the amount of smoke and sparks it will emit when used to power a PC, or the number of components it will take with it when it dies.
    Look for something around 550W-650W from Antec, PC Power & Cooling, Corsair, or Seasonic. Make sure the new PSU will fit; once you get to that wattage, the PSUs are often a little deeper than "standard."
  2. I need help in my m8400f. I bought a new graphics card GTS 250 and also a OCZ 700 Watt power supply but When I install it and put in the 6 PIN connection, it starts up but my monitor does not turn on, any help from how to get it working to is there something wrong with the supply would be Very very apreciated

    Thank You very much
  3. Btw, Here is the power supply I got and it meets all the GTS 250 Requirements
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