Any recommended CPU coolers?

hi i would like to know if any body has any recommended CPU coolers, which cooler cools the best especially for overclocking. also any recommended memory and hard drive cooling without using water cooling. becasue i am not knowledgeable about water cooling and do not want to attempt it yet
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  1. one stop reference page -

    ill recommend my machines cooler - noctua c12p - and the ever recommended - xigmatek 1283

    what case are you using to house it? and what socket cpu?
  2. Depends on what level of overclocking you want to acheive, the platform you will be using and the budget you have?

    Good budget lga775 is Artic cooler freezer 7 pro, have c2d 7200 (2.5ghz) overclocked to 3.8ghz 24/7 under this cooler, but a easy way into water cooling and for 10-15 % better results in heat dissipation you can go for the Coolit Systems Domino A.L.C Silent Watercooling System whis is a doddle to install and is not overly expensive with great results.

    All good memory nowdays have adequate cooling and unless you are going the full water route there is no need to change that, more important is correct airflow in your case (directly influenced by your choice of case) and how much heat is removed by this with the use of case and system fans.

    I always recommend cases with 120mm fans if front of the hdd mounting bays so cool air is drawn from the front over the hdds into the back of the pc (or any similar system) so have never found need of extra cooling for the hdds (Unless we are talking the older style raptors or scsi 15000k drives)

    Also dont forget ambient temperature, put on a jumper and open the window if you must but keep the room cool as possible for great overclock stability (I like 16 degrees celcius, warm enough for a shirt but cool for the pc:)
  3. The Arctic Freezer 7 Pro has been out of the game for a while now, it just doesn't offer the cooling power that other heatsinks do.

    My personal suggestion is the Xigmatek s1283 (if your case can fit it)

    +1 for frostytech, that site has a bunch of great reviews about LGA775 coolers (alas no 1366 section as of yet)
  4. Good call, the freezer 7 pro is an older cooler now, but for a c2d up to 3.8ghz (Overclocked) it is perfect at keeping the temps reasonable for the low price of around £12 ($18) so perfect for a budget but not so good with quad cores, the Xigmatek looks awesome, thanks for the linkt ot frostytech, its bookmarked now :)
  5. What is wrong with the Arctic Cooler freezer 7 Pro? You can't compare it to the Xigmatek s1283, look at the size difference. the Xigmatek is a 120MM fan cooler, the AC Freezer 7 is a 92mm cooler.

    AC F7P... 3220 people CAN'T be wrong:

    I actually owned this cooler in the past and it is probably one of the best combo's of price, performance, and size. I had upgrade to a Thermalright U-120 cooler and obviously it did cooler better, but only marginally.

    Are you looking for a BIG, best air cooler you can get. Or do you want a Good moderately sized cooler? That is a question for the OP. Also.. what CPU are you looking at cooling, that will also determine what cooler you need.
  6. I actually used one for a while as well. Yes it is defenatally better then the stock heat sink, and if you are just going for some mild overclocks then go for it, but if you are looking to do any higher overclocks this just doesn't keep the temperature like of the newer heatsinks do.

    But your right this is the OP's call. If this does what you are looking for, then by all means go for it. I would recomend looking at some reviews doing some research, then making a choice (dur).

    Just my .02$
  7. ^ plus what does he want to spend on a cooler? $30, $50, $70?
  8. ^Very true
  9. I tell you what though. Cooler Master has been on the ball with cases and coolers lately. I am a fan of the V8 they offer for $70 which includes the fan. They also have a smaller Hyper N 520 which seems to get good reviews and looks like a nice setup in a smaller package.
  10. Agree with keyana here. I have an ACF7P. Excellent budget cooler. It got my first C2D CPU (E6600) to 3.3 Ghz. Replaced it with a TRUE/S-Flex SFF21-F back before the Xigs came on the market. A little expensive - especially considering that it does not come with a fan. Got the chip to 3.6 GHz.

    Upgraded to Q6600. 3.6 GHz. with P95 load temps of 61 - 65 C.

    I do not think that an ACF7P will cope with a highly OC'd quad core chip very well.
  11. i am planning use i7 920 and an antec 1200 case
  12. if you can lay your hands on prolimatech megahalems, that is the best air cooling for Ci7 right now.. V8 also works very well
  13. lli02135 said:
    i am planning use i7 920 and an antec 1200 case

    Yeah you can scratch the ACF7P if you are going i7. You need a BIG DADDY cooler. The Cooler Master V8 is high on my list and looks REALLY nice in a case as well. It has my recommendation.

    Just like the Fuzzy thing mentioned.
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