I7 Voltage How much is to much?

I got an overclock setup for my i7-875K unlocked processor but I have to bump the voltage up to 1.325v,
Turboboost i hear is gonna push it anywhere from 1.33 to 1.34max which i shouldnt see the 1.34 alot. Is
this type of voltage very lethal to my chip? Can I still expect decent life from it if I use proper cooling such
as Noctua NH-D14? I would like it to work atleast up until 2015 or so when I decide to upgrade again.

I have seen some people pushing there i7's anywhere from 1.4 to 1.5v can someone give me the best
guess on how long my i7 should last running at a constant 1.325-1.34v

Here is a link to my heatsink

My tower Antec 1200

Cooling should be good enough I hope any advice criticism is definately welcome.
Break it down for me and tell me if this voltage is safe or dangerous zone.
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  1. Intel says the voltage specs are .065V - 1.4V.

    You can push it to 1.4 without overvolting the i7-875K


    Intel specs.
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