4600+ to a 5000+...same overclock?


I have managed to overclock my AMD X2 4600+ from 2.4Ghz to 2.8Ghz...stable so far (1 week of gaming and benchmarking) aslthough I had to slow my RAM down to do it.

I'm getting hold of a 5000+ processor in a few days (2.6Ghz stock).

Will I be able to get a similar overclock i.e. and extra 400 Mhz, out of this processor too? or does it not work like that?

Both are the 'Windsor' type

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  1. It real doesn't work that way, every component has it's own personality. That being said, the 5000 BE should be a better OC'er than the 4600, so @3.0 or a little more isn't out of reach.
  2. Ok thanks Unclefester, I'll post back with the result once I recieve the CPU
  3. I hope your not paying for it. The difference in performance wouldn't be worth it.
  4. I'm buying a 5000, and selling my 4600...gonna lose about £4 overall so I thought 'why not'
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