Single Channel RAM in dual mode?

Is this ok?

I put my RAM next to eachother in my board and CPU-Z came up as Dual mode...but it's only single channel RAM? Is this right?

Also, it seems my RAM being in dual-mode stops me getting a good overclock. When the RAM is in slots 1 and 3, I get a much better overclock.

Anyone know why?

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  1. Read your motherboard manual. There's probably 4 DIMM slots, correct? Using two side by side should indeed be only single channel while 1 and 3 is probably dual channel (mine it's 2 and 4). Not sure why having both sticks in one channel causes a worse OC tho... could be voltage, or some sort of imbalance/bottleneck.

    I don't think there is such a thing as single channel RAM, as far as what an individual stick supports. Using the right DIMM slots will make it single or dual channel accordingly.
  2. Watch this space - will do a bit of testing...cheers
  3. Here is my MOBO:

    The manual does not indicate which slots to use - but they are coloured so I'm going to guess it's 1+2 and 3+4?
  4. Ok i'm typing this whilst the RAM is sitting in Dual mode, and all seems ok

    I think you were right about the timings - I must have had the RAM at 800Mhz before when in dual mode.

    CPU-Z doesnt show anything different, but Can i assume it will be running faster in dual mode?
  5. Yeah it should definitely be faster in dual.
  6. Solved! Cheers lads!
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