RPM of WD Caviar Green 2TB?

A friend wants to add a 2TB hard drive to a new PC build. It will probably have a SSD for the operating system and a Samsung F3 1TB for primary data, so the 2TB will be a backup disk.

We have been looking at the WD Caviar Green, but have not been able to see the RPM of the drive. Something vague about Western Digital not really wants to tell the actual RPM spec..?

So is the WD Caviar Green a good choice for 2TB disk?
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  1. Rotation speed of the Green drives is not on their spec sheet.
    MaxPC article doesn't help:

    Personally, I like the Greens for bulk storage when drive speed is relatively unimportant. I have three of the 2nd gen 1 TB drives. I like them.
  2. jsc said:

    Personally, I like the Greens for bulk storage when drive speed is relatively unimportant.

    Thanks. So despite its lower speed it should be good for the purpose of being "3rd layer" disk in the PC?

    There are no other 2TB disks that could be said to be better for the approximately same price?
  3. Quote:
    It's likely 5900rpm.

    Thanks, just to have a rough number is interesting.
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  5. I think WD Greens run 5400rpm, but I'm not positive. I know the seagate LP drives run 5900, but WD doesn't specify for sure.
  6. their official statement ( i searched for days when i bought one) said that the RPM varies depending on disk use to save energy, which is BS.
    have to agree that it's probably just a 5400-5900rpm i have one as a 3rd drive and it works just fine for storage.
  7. From the specs I've seen it has a variable rotation speed of 5,400 RPM to 7,200 RPM, and a power consumption of 4 Watts when idle and 7.4 Watts when being accessed.
  8. The rotation speed is definitely not variable - the effort to spin it up would significantly outweigh any energy savings, plus it would wreak havoc with the servo control and fly height.
  9. yeah, the whole variable RPM is amusing, i can't believe that was WDs answer on that one.
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