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i having problems choosing between a 2 x 4870 512 MB crossfire or a 4870 1 GB.I heard that 2 x 4870 512 MB crossfire has problems on very high resolutions,is that true?
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  1. Yes,CrossFire shines when u play at resolutions like 1920x1200 and higher,what resolution do u play at ?
  2. The problem is that at high resoloutions (1920x1200 and over) a 512Mb card can start to run out of memory, particularly with AA enabled see the FAQ at the top of the front page as to why this happens in SLI/CF.
    The soloution, if you`re playing at such high resoloutions, is to CF a pair of 1Gb 4870 cards.
  3. 4870 1Gb prefect for 1650x1080 and any CF needed, for 1920x1200 you can still comfortably go with 4870 1Gb and in future add another 4870 1Gb to CF and you are fine for quite long while...
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