New Processor need to update BIOS

Hello I am new at adding a new processor. I just bought a new Intel Core 2 quad q9650 for my Promagix E2230.

My specs of right now is

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 / 2.67 GHz

Memory: 4 gigs of Ram

Mainboard: NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI 1066 MH

Graphics: Nvidia 280

I have never updated the BIOS on my computer and either do I know how or were to start. I realy dont want to screw anything up. At first when I put in my new processor, I was expecting it to be pretty easy in terms of plug in and play. But that wasn't the case, my computer screen just stayed black but my computer was running just fine. So I went searching and found out that I need to update my BIOS.

So how do I update my BIOS and wear do I start.

Thank you
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  1. First of all put your older cpu back in,then get out the cd/dvd that came with your mobo and check out the contents there will either be a flash type utility or a text file containing a list of the cd's contents,if your board is an ASUS board it will have an asus update proggie on the cd install it and follow the directions,,OR you can go to your mobo's home page download the latest bios and extract it to a XXXX.BIN file and install from from that file,,after installation enter the bios usually the delete key upon boot and set things the way you want them...:)
  2. Here my story thus far.

    When I put back the old cpu I still used the new stock fan. When I checked the temps they were running at 55 c, so I decided to put my old fan in because well its been working with me since 2 years ago. After that weird stuff starts to happen. But I did manage to update BIOS before this though.

    The weird stuff being that after a few seconds of starting my computer, it shuts off. So I decided to check the BIOS. I saw that the temp of the cpu started at 39 and crept up 67 in seconds. I changed the fan speed to get to 1600 rpms. That seemed to kept it from crashing my comp. But still temps were high. So put the new fan back in and while I was doing this I decided to check the CPU. When I took the processor out I saw one single pin bent on the extremely far side.

    So does this mean my computer is done with? I have tried to put the pin back in place, and it seems to be sort of working. But when I scroll up and down on the internet, the bottom of the screen flickers. Also sometime my computer will lock up at the beginning of start up in windows.

    So im hoping that I can get the pin back to were it went, but I don't see that happening with out problems. So does this mean a new motherboard? Or am I exaggerating a single pin and maybe its something els?
  3. please anybody?

    Well I bent the pin kind of back wear it was and I also made sure the stock fan of the processor was secured in. Well When I'm on my desktop my processor goes up and down from 40 c to 50 c, I played Armed Assault first and put loads of squads down, just to see how it runs. It than froze, and I couldn't alt tab or anything. Next time around I tried Crysis warhead then it froze again. Then I rebooted and decided to quickly click on a app while starting and well it froze again.

    I also place artic silver on with no luck. Should I use my Freezer Pro 7 ac fan or use the intel stock fan?
  4. Clean the cpu and heatsink with isopropyl alcohol, then apply thermal grease (if you've done it is ok, a different grease won't help much). Try to get that pin as straight as possible. Set fan speed at maximum.
    Have you updated your BIOS?
    What PSU have you got?
  5. I got My pin pretty straight and used my own fan which is keeping my processor at 30 c, which is good right? I don know what the name of the PSU or brand but its a 500 Watt I guess. Thats what this site says;rnav

    I also bought 4 gigs of ram to have a total of 8. Should I add the 4 gigs more or should I return them?
  6. If you're running a 64 bit os, then install them, but you won't really get to use more than 3 gigs with today's apps.
    Check that your system is stable with Prime95 without overclocking.
    And your PSU.... could you post its specs (should be on the PSU istself), most importantly the AMPS on the +12V rail (or rails if there is a +12V1, +12V2, ...) And brand if possible?
  7. I dont realy no how to use prime 95, I guess I have 4 test running right now and my CPU is at 40 c right now as im typing. Does this test stop on its own or do I stop it?

    PSU is power Supply unit right? Well if so then I cant see any brand of anything on as I checked around.

    Well On my temp checker.

    It says +12.0V but my number is 11.97v,

    Vcore - 1.26v

    +3.3v - 3.38v

    +5.0v - 4.95v

    CPU - 40c

    MB - 25c

    CPU - 2800 rpm

    Chassis - 1461 rpm

    Chassis - 1470 rpm

    Are these temp and speeds good ?
  8. Ok, if your system is stable, then no problem. I only suggested that your power supply may not have enough power, but since it is intended to be used with the 280 I think it's Ok
  9. Nope its not Ok

    I tried playing GTA 4 and well It hanged again. I really dont understand why, So I did another prime95, this time It froze when PC Probe II read 40 c and RealTemp read 51c 48c 47c 47c, GPU 42c.

    I also checked the eventlog on when it hanged and this was the windows error

    Fault bucket 503673144, type 5
    Event Name: RADAR_PRE_LEAK_32
    Response: None
    Cab Id: 0

    Problem signature:
    P1: prime95.exe
    P3: 6.0.6001.2.1.0

    Attached files:

    Not sure if this is the actual problem, but My computer is hanging to quickly for temps that aren't that high. I did a chkdsk and I had no bad sectors either. I woke up the next morning and saw that my computer was still stable for about 7 hours. I dont understand why.

    So is there a way I can check if my power supply is the problem.
    I dont see why, I had been running this computer with heavy loads with my old processor. Now that I changed it, now it seems I have a problem. But maybe something did happen to the Power supply. So how could I know if that's the problem.
  10. you did not get a Q9650 with an Nvidia 650i SLI board? The Nvidia 600 series will not support yorkfield or any 45nm Quad's You need a Nvidia 700 series board for that. But Wolfidale would work in a Nvidia 600 series but for the Q9650 you best either send it back or buy a new motherboard.
  11. Wow are you serious, Dam. Well I will see what happens when I put my old processor in. Any recommendation for a processor that can run on a 600 series board that is the fastest. But not Extreme.

    Also my computer works great now that the old processor is back in.
  12. Q6600. It's like the Q9650 it has the 9x multi but is clocked at 2.4GHz and is 65nm. But you can get a cheap board too it you want.
  13. what would be a good motherboard than. After trying to take the artic silver from my fan, I scratched the ring around the heatsink but not the heat sink, just the metal around it ( which really doesnt change anything in the fan). Im just not sure if newegg will take it. So if newegg doesnt than I will need another motherboard.
  14. depends. How about a Nvidia Nforce 750i or 780i?
  15. Sounds good, What kind of motherboard do you have? I think Im going to go with a 780i. Any ways if I was to get that board, Should I even by new parts to make it run good? Check my specs up top of the page. I dont want to buy a new motherboard and then have the same problem I had with the processor.
  16. well I have the Intel P45 chipset. Asus P5Q-Pro. I have to say I love it. But you can't do SLI on a Intel chipset except the x58 which is core i7. I can get to 4.14GHz on air.
  17. I just got my money back from my returned processor and ram. Now I am wondering whats the best Processor I can get that will run on a Nvidia 650 motherboard?
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