3850 gets 3dMark06 of 4215 (really slow), any ideas?

I have no clue why, but I just got a used Radeon 3850 OC. It runs some things pretty well (like HL2) but I tried playing COD4 and it was just unplayable. Even at the lowest resolution with almost everything turned off. Just to make sure I wasn't nuts I ran a 3DMark06 on it and it pulled a 4215. I checked the the list of results from Tomshardware and this card should be getting 9000+. I'm completely stumped on what the problem could be. It's also making Vista weird, if I want to open a newly downloaded file it takes nearly 30-40 seconds to open it. Other applications load just fine. I thought it might be a driver issue so I downloaded the latest ones but it had no effect.

My computer is about a 2 years old, maybe less. Here is some of the information:

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+, 2.6 GHz
3 gigs of ram (2x1gig + 2x512mb)
Vista Home Basic
PCI Express 1.0 (is this a problem? I have heard that it doesn't make a difference, but I have no clue. If so I guess that means I need a new MB)
Power Supply = 500 Watt Cool Max, +12V1=14a, +12V2=16A, it also says that V1 + V2 = Max 350 Watts. I have no idea what that means. The guy at Microcenter that this would work, it's just that the power supply might die in a year or two. I figured that would be ok. Is it possible that the power supply would be causing this?

Video Card is a MSI 3850 Radeon OC

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  1. Somethings definitely wrong, it's not the PCI Express slot though. I have a stock HD3850, when I had my Athlon X2 4200+ I was in the upper 7000s, with my 7750BE I'm in the upper 10000s.

    My guess would be that it's underpowered, that PSU does look suspect.
  2. Could be your cpu overheating check those temps along with the gpu degrees
  3. The GPU Is getting into the 80's, when playing. I don't know if that is hot or not, or what i could do about it. I'll have to check out the CPU heat temp.

    The thing is though, the thing starts off slow immediately. As soon as the game begins it moves glacially. During the mark6 test, the scene was rending at 5-6 fps.
  4. Turn off Cool and Quiet in the BIOS.
    Defrag your hard drive.
    Just for the heck of it, remove the 2 -512 meg modules, see what happens.
    Many of these boards will default your memory to a much slower speed with 4 modules. Vista also will result in a lower score than running XP. About 500 points I am going to estimate with your particular system.
    9000 is really high score to try and hit with an X2 and a 3850, and Vista.
    The upper 7's is more realistic unless you are able to overclock your processor to around 3.2~3.4ghz.
    The CPU tests absolutely kill dual core processors. Quads do a lot better on these tests, even though in real life the game may not actually play any better with a quad vs. dual.
    Try above, you still should be doing better than what you are getting.
  5. I'd be happy with 7,000. But 4k is miserable. Anyone have an idea how how many watts I should have ideally with this card? I have 2 rails, should I have just one? I don't know if having a junky power supply would affect the game quality or not. Especially since the card is running hot
  6. Try Overclocking your processor and RAM..
  7. Did you install drivers from ATI/AMD's website?
  8. Okay so this is the situation, I ended up installing XP just to try it out. Without any overclocking I went from a 4200 to a 8900. In COD I went from 800x600 with almost nothing enabled getting 15-25 fps to 1600x900 everything max and got between 50-30 fps.

    I have no clue why Vista made it so slow, but it was just brutal. I have no clue if that means that there are less effects now (I don't know what DX10 has specifically) but I don't seem to notice that I'm missing any effects.

    Anyway I'm pretty happy with everything now. Yay for XP
  9. its cauze dat card doesnt support direct x 10.
  10. silverstings2003 said:
    its cauze dat card doesnt support direct x 10.

    Four months late and wrong, :pfff: .
  11. And irrelevant, as far as 3dmark06 is concerned.
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