Low Power Workstation / Server System - Advice Please!

I was looking into a workstation and server system, and decided to try and combine the two.

I need a fast responsive system, but no need for any graphics capabilities beyond accelerated video decoding and a dual dvi output, for two 1920x1200 res screens. I can probably use a single DVI port as long as its DVI-D by means of a splitter cable.

I have so far found:

MSI p45 DrMOS - below avg power usage and good performance, needs external gfx tho. Id use an e8500 or the fastest available e7*00. What are actual power draws like on these two? Much difference?

J&W Minix 780G ITX - great chipset and integrated gfx, i know nothing about amd cpus, and there are ?'s about the video output on this. It has DVI HDMI and VGA. You can only use DVI or HDMI at once tho, im not going to drive one monitor on VGA and one digital. Can anybody clarify if its got DVI-D? tried to email tech support and my mail bounced from their site! Bittech has a review but no answers there.

Does anybody have any other better AMD alternatives or lower power integrated gfx intel boards? (without intel gfx lol!)

It must also have RAID 1, im a fan of intel matrix raid but i understand amd's onboard chipset raid is pretty gd too.

Any help very gratefully received!!!
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  1. Try this combo for $329:

    AMD Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0GHz Socket AM2+ 125W Quad-Core Black Edition

    The motherboard has the best integrated graphics available these days. It supports RAID 1.
    The CPU is the best AMD has for it. I think a quad would be good if this is going to be a server.
  2. Thanks for the helps i was trying to get the absolute lowest power consumption possible tho!

    Decided to go for a dual as really any more cores is a waste. 125W cpu will hurt on the power bill.

    I was looking at the 45W amd dual core, dont remember what its number was, about 2.5ghz i think.

    The amd chipsets are leagues ahead of intels even if the processors arent that special.

    Does anybody know of any trick intel boards? :)

    Thx for the reply ne ways!
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