High pitched squeal?

Whenever I browse a webpage, say even here my computer makes a loud hgigh pitched sqeal. This also happens when my Creative MP3 player is in there.

400W FSP Power Sparkle 2, 12V Rails = 18A on each.
2.4GHz P4 S478
1024MB DDR Ram
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  1. That's weird... this only happens when you're surfing? Not while doing anything else?

    Could you open your case? Maybe this will help you determine what's causing the noise better.
  2. It seems to be coming from the PSU or CPU......I can distinguish the sound.
  3. I am growing old disgracefully and I easily forget things. I think we had a couple of similar threads last year. If I remember correctly one of the threads identified the sound settings as the problem. Unfortunately I do not remember the details. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

    Edit - Or maybe it was the audio configuration?
  4. Thanks, I have a Diamond 7.1C Sound Card. Could this be the problem.
  5. I honestly don't remember the details. Hopefully one of the veteran posters will have a possible answer.

    It's like I know I am supposed to like girls but I can't remember why.
  6. Haha thanks anyways, but its seems when I unplugg the audio cable it goes away........fingers crossed this is the problem.
  7. lol Johnny!

    I'm also crossing my fingers, especially since that audio cable experiment of yours proves that it's prolly your sound card. Will you try using your mobo's onboard audio?
  8. With onboard its still the same, but its fixed :D it was the sound cable, yeah I don't know why when I unplug the cable the sound goes away.
  9. Which sound cable? A sound cable inside the pc or some external sound cable?
  10. Its my speakers sound cable, it might be because I stuck more power speakers on these 2 little speakers lol.
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