Just installed a SSD. Is this normal?

Ok so I just installed an Intel 80 gb SSD into my PC.

I installed it sepperate from my old Hit 1gb HDD so that i could compare speeds.

Both running windows 7. Although the HDD has alot of program on it while the SSD is a fresh clean install.

The SSD was barely faster booting to windows. Maybe like 4 secs faster if that. I seen all these youtube videos with SSD smoking the HDD competition.

So... Am i doing something wrong or are my expectations to high. I debating on returning the SSD because 4 seconds isnt worth 200 dollars IMO.

PC spec:
2.8 intel quad core
8 gigs of ram
80 gig SSD intel
1 tb Hitachi HDD
285 geforce GPU
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  1. Did you configure your motherboard to run the SSD in AHCI mode (as opposed to "emulation" or "IDE" mode) before installing Windows?

    I've also seen some instances where USB glitches can cause a 30- to 60-second delay during boot that have nothing whatsoever to do with your hard drive.
  2. I tried to enable AHCI but im not sure my motherboard has that option. It has Native or Legacy.

    It is a DG43GT.

    any other suggestions?

  3. It's still possible you're seeing the USB glitch I mentioned. You might try unplugging all USB devices except your mouse/keyboard, or perhaps fiddling with the motherboard USB settings to see if that makes a difference.

    My system occasionally takes about 60 extra seconds to boot and I haven't been able to track down exactly why other than a USB message in the event log.
  4. "Native" is the way to go then. It will probably give you AHCI.
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